By leveraging AI on a platform built specifically for healthcare, Etsimo’s customers can quickly deploy digital solutions that fit into their service design, effectively making them an AI-first business in an instant.

We offer a healthcare platform that leverages machine learning and robust health data to determine the patients’:


Healthcare available 24/7
  • Healthcare available 24/7
    saving patient’s time and money.
Care-need and urgency
Resource and process optimization
  • Resource and process optimization,
    improved population coverage
    and consistent quality at scale.
Optimal carepath
Keeping people healthy
  • Less unnecessary visits, faster recovery
    and keeping people healthy instead
    of treating sick people.

This creates a win-win-win situation where the right patient is in the right place at the right time with the right information.

"Everyone can stay healthy
and sustain a high quality of life."





the largest private healthcare provider in the Nordics


million clients




million doctor visits


Healthcare professionals

"Roughly 30% of physical doctor visits are unnecessary from medical point of view"

Target customers

Etsimo has the perfect solution for organizations who want to offer their
customers an engaging customer experience and move into preventive healthcare.
Our platform enables your organization to transform into an AI-driven healthcare business in an instant.

Decreasing unnecessary visits


Insurance companies

Discover new patient insights

We help to improve your customer experience by augmenting clinical pathways, discovering new patient insights and lowering claims costs. We do this by decreasing the amount of unnecessary visits leading to fewer payments and speeding up recovery through timely treatments resulting in less overall costs.
Personalize patient experience


Healthcare providers

Consistent quality at scale

Our platform allows healthcare providers to personalize their patient experience and optimize resource utilization and process for increased efficiency. 24/7 access to care improves population coverage and patient satisfaction, increases quality and consistency at scale and decreases human errors.
Healthcare that is affordable for everyone


National health system

Affordable for everyone

Our platform improves national health outcomes decreasing the cost of delivery for payers. We collaborate with various stakeholders to bring universal access to primary care that is affordable for everyone.

"The future isn’t a race against machines, but instead a race together with machines".

Universal health coverage is one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

According to the World Health Organisation, there is a global shortage of 17 million health care workers.

Keeps people healthy

Founded in 2016

by internationally recognized scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs
wanting to prepare the world for the future.

The Team
Employees at Etsimo
  • 25 co-workers,
    six nationalities and spoken languages,
    44/56 gender ratio.
Strategic partnership
  • Partnership with Terveystalo,
    the largest private healthcare provider
    in the Nordics.
Happiest country in the world
Diversity in our company
  • Platform developed in Finland,
    home of the best:
  • human wellbeing, top leading education
    system and governance in the world.

Source: Statistic Finland

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If you are looking to join a rapidly growing company tackling
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