A Cookie is a small piece of data (text file) that a website asks your browser to store on your device. When someone is using a computer to browse a website, a personalised cookie file can be sent from the website’s server to the person’s computer. The cookie is stored in the web browser on the person’s computer. At some time in the future, the person may browse that website again. The website can send a message to the person’s browser, asking if a cookie from the website is already stored in the browser. If a cookie is found, then the data that was stored in the cookie before can be used by the website to tell the website about the person’s previous activity. Some examples where cookies are used include shopping carts, automatic login and remembering which advertisements have already been shown.

A Cookie doesn’t harm your device and it cannot be used to distribute malware.

With Cookies the user experience can be improved on our website by doing analysing, personalize and develop among other things.

Cookies are also used to measure traffic in our website, to modify content based on browsing actions and previous visits.


Etsimo uses Cookies for the following purposes:

  •   Personalise content
  •   Provide feedback
  •   Provide social media features
  •   Analysing the use of our website
  •   Developing our website

Your browser is likely configured to automatically accept Cookies but you can change your browser's settings. Cookies can also be deleted from your computer by accessing the settings in your browser.

Below is a list of the Cookie types we use on our website

  •   Automatically enabled functional Cookies
  •   Website performance Cookies

These Cookies are necessary for our website to function, and they cannot be switched off in the Cookie preferences. They are required for an effective and secure connection to website and are usually set in response to actions taken by you ranging from storing the given consent to use cookies to filling in forms, ETC

Some of these Cookies are persistent i.e. they are not automatically deleted after the browsing session. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these Cookies, but blocking them will cause some parts of the website not to work.


Website performance Cookies are used only with your consent. These Cookies help us to measure traffic, to identify returning customers, and to understand how our customers use our website. We use this information to improve the usability and digital experience of our services.

These Cookies are persistent.


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